Changes in the Wind…

There is a new development to my blog site now and I will explain it to you.

While I will continue to use this as a personal blog about life, love, family, Faith, etc., I am also going to be focusing on my life as a writer in an effort to build up my credibility among the social networks on the world wide web.

So here it is. I am beginning a new chapter in life that actually coincides with the other chapters: Mother, Wife, Daughter…

Now I add Chapter – Author

Write now (and yes that was a pun…) I am working on a fantasy story about a fairy tale with a twist. Rather the idea is that fairy tales are definitely off kilter and…oh what the heck. I will just give you the working tagline:

Every girl dreams about being a princess in a fairy tale…Pity this princess never dreamed about a fairy tale like this one.

As I mentioned, it’s a work in progress…make that a very new work in progress so it will be some time before you all see the story behind this tag. But I will be regularly updating my progress on here as soon as I figure out how to do so creatively. Anyone with website-making savvy is welcome to apply. The pay sucks at first (you get nothing other than the satisfaction of helping a poor ignorant; but I promise some of the proceeds once I get a book contract. More details when we get there.

I would love to have you come with me on a journey to Live my dream. After all, that’s what this whole blog is about. Seize the Day and all that! 🙂




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